Develop Awareness

A session with us will allow you to cut through the conditioning accumulated over your life and allow you to become Aware of what has been holding you back.  Only then are you ready for true transformation.


Experience Realization

After you have experienced awareness and are cognizant of the circumstances that have been holding you back, you may now accept this and begin the process of Realizing your best self, without limitations.


Seamlessly Integrate

Once realization has occured we will help you build the tools to seamlessly Integrate this practice into your day to day life to truly achieve your true you and reach your full potential.


Conscious Catalyst is a life coaching company that offers cutting-edge transformative experiences to awaken inner-potential and reveal genius. Our model is an Intuit-fusion coaching that implants intuitive insights at the heart of a holistic experience-based vision.

Every Catalyst experience offers a simple yet powerful 3-step system that sparks an innerrevolution.

Secrets of the Catalyst Method

Awareness – Realization – Integration

Catalyst Method Graphic
The true secret of the Catalyst method is its holistic approach to transformation. Transformation is a process and like every process, it is complete only once all the steps of the process are experienced.

  1. Awareness – Get To Know Yourself

  2. Realization – Choose Your Best Self

  3. Integration – Experience Your True Self

The power of the Catalyst 3-step process lies in its synergistic structure. This revolving blueprint allows the process of personal growth to effortlessly occur.

Our Programs & Services

Designed For All Levels of Readiness

What We Do

Not your typical Personal Development program of positive affirmations, temporary highs, but unstainable results; the Catalyst program will delve to the core of what has been holding you back, help you realize the effects of your beliefs, and provide a road map to sustainable integration into your everyday life.

Self Development and Life Coaching

It takes a mystery to create a legend and only a moment of great understanding to reveal it. Imagine a tool whose origin goes back to the times of ancient wisdom. Envision an enlightening and entertaining way to offer you clarity.

The Cosmic Compass GameA Soul-Strategy game that allows you to tap into all the subconscious information that you have stored in your mind. is a game that connects the heart and mind through an adventure of revelations and a journey of discovery. It is a game where the player is already the winner! It is a game of insight, thinking, and reflection, all of which allow you to determine choices that are aligned with your life’s purpose and heart’s desires.

An entertaining way for friends and family to begin their journey of transformation, the Cosmic Compass Game is designed to provide entertainment while beginning the process of impactful insight into yourself.

Catalyst Mentoring is about INNOVATION, INSIGHTFULNESS, and TRANSFORMATION.  The Catalyst Coaching & Mentoring program is a proactive approach to shed self-limiting beliefs and get you to take action to change behavior and create new results in your life. Aline, in short, helps identify your roadblocks to optimum, sustainable performance and helps uncovers your unique genius, in a minimum amount of time.

By participating in this program you will;

  • Choose your next level

  • Crush your limitations

  • Eliminate personal struggles

  • Gain clarity of perception

  • Integrate teachings in your daily life

  • Achieve transformative results

If you are serious about creating life changing results for yourself, our Exclusive Retreats are where you will want to find yourself.  These full immersive experiences are designed to provide life-changing transformation through once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Clients & Testimonials

Our Clients Love Us!

  • Had probably the most amazing 1 hour conversation last Friday with Aline Hanle. Not many courses, books, or people have changed the trajectory of my life. Definitely none have done it in such a short time (63 minutes). I recommend all of our Body Solutions Inc. clients look into getting a consultation with Aline for clarity into your soul, happiness, being.
    Steve Young
    Steve Young
    CEO - Body Solutions Inc.
  • Once you meet Aline, The Catalyst, your life will never be quite the same again. After our first session, I felt as if I was literally “buzzing” with energy. It was as if I had been sleepwalking my way through life and Aline helped me awaken to what was important to me, and to step-by-step shed what was holding me back. I instantly felt like an enhanced version of myself, and more at peace in my decisions.  
    Maria Carter
    Maria Carter
    Founder Renaissance Moms – Austin, Texas