Enlightened Entertainment


Enlightened Entertainment & Delightful Connections!

Be part of a fun, and transformative evening filled with laughters, discoveries and authentic relationships!

On a monthly basis, starting on December 2016*,  you can purchase your very own individual Cosmic Seat and experience a life-changing mini-retreat in an unforgettable themed-ambience evening.

I will be hosting a monthly Cosmic Compass Soiree.

You can purchase your own seat and find yourself mingling with new like-minded people or purchase several seats with and for your besties!

*Check Specific dates and themes below


  • Themed Evenings – Check Specific dates and themes below
  • Limited to 5 or 6 participants
  • Potluck style: Bring and share your favorite finger food!
  • BYOB: Bring Your Own Beverage. Wines, juices, cocktails…
  • Contact Info: 512.547.7851
  • Location: Aline Hanle’s Home (Directions will be sent upon purchase confirmation)

Dates & Themes:

  • Dec. 09th 2016 5pm – 9pm Theme: Silver and Gold
  • Jan. 13th 2017 5pm – 9pm Theme: Mystic Magic
  • Feb. 10th 2017 5pm – 9pm Theme: Love Potion
  • March 10th 2017 5pm – 9pm Theme: Crazy Wigs
  • April 7th 2017 5pm – 9pm Theme: 70’s
  • May 19th 2017 5pm – 9pm Theme: Chic & Choc! (Soiree chic & detail Shock)

Cosmic Compass - The Experience

Anatomy of the Cosmic Compass

It takes a mystery to create a legend and only a moment of great understanding to reveal it. Imagine an ancient tool whose origin goes back to the ancient times of wisdom. Envision an ingenious way to give to all your questions the most accurate answer.

The Cosmic Compass Game is a Soul-Strategy game that allows you to tap into all the subconscious information that you have stored in your mind throughout your entire life without having to work hard at it. Indeed, it is all about the fun!

The design of the board is a compass: a simple yet brilliant system of 8 directions encompassing the 8 essential elements for the skilled traveler of Life. Traveling Life with this compass is like having your travel agent, personal guide and individual Yoda in the box!

You are the journeyer of this voyage into mystery. Your adventure begins with a question that you ask consciously. Your inquiry simultaneously sparks the answer. The challenge lies in the fact that this answer exists only in your subconscious Mind. It has yet to be deciphered. Standing before your question, you must now collect 8 clues knowing that each of them has to potential to trigger a memory and that the combination of these memories ultimately holds your answer.

These 8 clues have, each, a specific position on the map and are intuitively placed on the design representing a compass. Once every card is set, the compass offers a comprehensive and holistic map of your inquired situation and your mind naturally opens to deliver your best answer.

December the 9th, 2016

Silver and Gold

Nothing says “elegant” better than a Silver and Gold evening! Sparkling wines, champagne and Prosecco welcome! Dress your shiny side with sparkles and other shimmery outfits  and come share your light with us!

Dec. 9th, 2016

January the 13th, 2017

Mystic Magic

Yes, I did it… This Cosmic Soiree will shine under the spell of a Friday-the-13th-kind-of vibe!  Dress your self with mystical vibes and and clothes! Good luck charms and enchanted moments ensured!

January 13th, 2017

February the 10th, 2017

Love Potion

Whether you wish to understand how to break a sabotaging pattern, learn how to align your heart and your mind or simply ask what is most important for you to know about love, this evening is for you! Red and pink fashion mood at its best with its “Sacred Love” Cocktail served chilled!

February 10th, 2017

March the 10th, 2017


Crazy Wigs

Cosmic Compass and wigs, believe it or not, go well together! Bring your craziest, sexiest or most extravagant wig and come play your way into the uncharted territory of your wild side and your true freedom!

March 10th, 2017

April the 7th, 2017

70’ Fashion

Has there been a greater decade for the groove to groove and the vibe to vibe? This themed soiree welcomes participant with a twist of funk, hippie-chic and vintage-fashion style!

Feel free to share your kitschy side while exploring the boundaries of your own fearlessness just like the 70’ pioneers of mindful quest!

April 7th, 2017

May the 19th, 2017

Chic & Shock!

One of the most trendy French Soirees of the moment, the “ Tenue Chic & Detail Choc” Party! While the dress code vibrates with a chic note, you’ll have to have a personal shocking detail to personalize it. Think obnoxious details, out-of-place fashion inconsistencies and out-of-the box fashion faux-pas. Your cannot go wrong on that one since the “wrong” makes it all right!

I let you use your imagination to shock us with a single detail!

May 19th, 2017