Business Catalyst: “Guru-On-Staff”

Business is about connection and connection is about human beings. For the successful forward-thinker of the 21st century, success isn’t only measured in dollars, but also in optimum sense of fulfillment, happiness, and purpose. The evolution of an extraordinary business culture requires it. Extraordinary business culture in turn can lead to higher productivity and financial success.

In the “Guru on Staff” model, Aline uses the principles of the Catalyst Mentoring program to address your people’s personal sense of fulfillment, happiness, and purpose, and combines this with her teachings about processing information in the business environment.

The decision process that we all use for our everyday life, whether it is for personal or professional matters, requires information. The greater the amount of information we hold, the more effortless, simple, and empowering the decision process appears. The ability to process a larger amount of information enables us to more quickly execute the next step in life and business.

How it Works

The “Guru on Staff” model is a highly customized program based upon your business’ size, composition, and current state. It utilizes Aline’s most powerful tools to maximize personal success and apply those lessons toward growth in the business environment.

It is well documented that a healthy and productive team is one of the leading contributors to a profitable and efficient organization.  If you are looking to improve team morale, better understand your employees, and create a more cohesive team than you need to consider the Guru-on-Staff program.  Contact us for rates and availabilities.

Program Benefits

  1. Understand the overall picture
  2. Deliver a greater sense of clarity through perceiving the greater design
  3. Discern meaning and purpose through connecting more parameters
  4. Focus on what matters through revealing synchronicity and patterns
  5. Lower stress and anxiety by feeling better prepared for the “risk” factor
  6. Reduce the response-time when faced with outside unexpected elements

Guru-on-Staff – Maverick Session in Jamaica