What is the Cosmic Compass Game?

The Cosmic Compass Game is an innovative Soul-Strategy game that allows you to tap into all of the subconscious information that you have accumulated in your mind throughout the course of your entire life.  The magic of the game is that it allows you to do this by guiding you through your subconscious without having to work hard.

The Cosmic Compass is a game that connects the heart and mind through an adventure of revelations and a journey of discovery.  It is a game where the player is already the winner!   It is a game of insight, thinking, and reflection, allowing you to determine life choices that are aligned with your life’s purpose and heart’s desires.  You can map your life, discover your purpose, clear any obstacles, find resolutions, develop your intuitive skills, and do all of those while having fun!

Enlightened Entertainment


Be part of a fun, and transformative evening filled with laughters, discoveries and authentic relationships!

On a monthly basis, starting on December 2016, you can purchase your very own individual Cosmic Seat and experience a life-changing mini-retreat in an unforgettable themed-ambience evening.

I will be hosting a monthly Cosmic Compass Soiree. You can purchase your own seat and find yourself mingling with new like-minded people or purchase several seats with and for your besties!

Cosmic Compass FAQ’s

Why should I consider the Cosmic Compass experience as a preferred personal development tool?

The Cosmic Compass is the ultimate personal development tool. It perfectly blends mindfulness and intuitiveness into a fun experience that simultaneously opens the mind, heightens awareness and grows possibilities.

What is the monthly Cosmic Compass Guidance?

IMG_1396The Cosmic Compass Monthly Guidance is a tool to help your bring awareness to your life on a monthly basis. The guidance is an answer to this question: What is the collective consciousness’s most essential focus for the month of _____  to help it grow joyfully, beautifully and effortlessly?

The answer offers you a detailed sets of information on how to experience your life during the given month so that you live it brilliantly!

What’s a Private Cosmic Compass Soiree?

IMG_1055A Cosmic Compass Soiree is an exclusive 6-hour enlightening experience of self-awareness using the Cosmic Compass Game as a medium for self-discovery and Aline as a guide to self-realization.

Starting Dec. 2016 and offered on the monthly basis, you can now experience an exclusive Cosmic Compass Themed Soiree! Fun, revelations and connection ensured! See “Book Your Seat” for all details!

How can I host my own Enlightened Soiree?

Cosmic Compass - NYC Shooting TrailerSimple! The Enlightened Soiree is easily available, at this moment, for all Austin, TX area and with booking in Advanced for all other US cities.  Host your very own party with your friends and become one extraordinary Catalyst to help transform your friends’ life with playfulness! Contact me at aline@alinehanle.com now for details and rates!

Cosmic Compass Testimonials

  • Participating in Aline's Creative Catalyst Workshop (40 attendees) and the follow-up Cosmic Compass simulation (13 participants) began to create some immediate and unexpected results for me right from the beginning. Now, six weeks later, the initial insights and energy I gained through Aline's unique process have matured, deepened, developed in detail and have led me to some important opportunities and actions. As a 30 year veteran of leading several successful international businesses, I thought I had a good grasp on creativity, innovation and fast moving change management. To my surprise and good fortune, Aline and her methodologies have shown me that there are deeper levels of insight, untapped sources of ideas, reliable stores of wisdom and a whole host of groups and individuals who are willing to collaborate to help each other create the changes and results they want and need in their lives and businesses. Over the past 6 weeks I have also engaged in several individual follow up consulting sessions with Aline via Skype. These have helped keep the energy flowing, provided accountability and added detail to my action plans.
    Leon Maynard
    Leon Maynard
    President, International Economic Summit Institute
  • I will never forget my first encounter with the Cosmic Compass and its creator, Aline Hanle. I was at a dramatic crossroad juncture in my life and felt so confused about how to move forward. Aline invited me to ask my deepest questions and allow the Cosmic Compass process to reveal the truth. I was stunned by the accuracy of the answers which came forth during that session. My life has unfolded in beautiful ways since then and I am grateful for the clarity and confidence which emerged from the fog after this experience.
    Jacob Nordby
    Jacob Nordby – Author
    The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening
  • Cosmic Compass – Original Concept Delivered

    Cosmic Compass – Original Concept Delivered

  • Cosmic Compass – Original Concept

    Cosmic Compass – Original Concept

  • Cosmic Compass – Second Iteration

    Cosmic Compass – Second Iteration

  • Cosmic Compass – NYC Shooting Trailer

    Cosmic Compass – NYC Shooting Trailer

  • Cosmic Compass – Current Version

    Cosmic Compass – Current Version