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Over the past 9 years since I designed the Cosmic Compass Game, I have been asked a thousand times what it is about. I have thought of it, elaborated explanations for it, crafted pitches around it and even developed arguments for it. After many attempts in boxing, categorizing and identifying this tool, I realized that my words could only offer a narrow-minded summary of its purpose and a limited meaning of the true intent, mission and effect of this self-awareness instrument.

So to the question: What is the Cosmic Compass?

Well… Here is simultaneously the most direct, most intriguing and certainly most obscure answer you could get:

It is an experience.

You, then, may ask yourself: What the heck does this mean?

Let me take you within the heart of this enigmatic answer and show you why this is the most perfect answer I could give you.

The “game” is an experiential journey within yourself. It is a trip of a lifetime in an unchartered territory called “YOU”.

What is an experience? is the most proper question you may wish to ask me when you wish to know more about the Cosmic Compass.

What is an experience?

Well… according to the common collective agreement, found in what we all call “The dictionary”, an “experience” is as follow:

 The observing, encountering, or undergoing of things generally as they occur in the course of time. Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone. and iPhilosophy, it is the totality of the cognitions given by perception; all that is perceived, understood, and remembered.

When you say YES to it

  1. You forever transform your perception

     2.  You forever revolutionize your mindset

     3.  You forever alter your reality

Here is why The Cosmic Compass is NOT a game like any other. It is an EXPERIENCE. “It is an Awakening Experience.”


  • Participating in Aline's Creative Catalyst Workshop (40 attendees) and the follow-up Cosmic Compass simulation (13 participants) began to create some immediate and unexpected results for me right from the beginning. Now, six weeks later, the initial insights and energy I gained through Aline's unique process have matured, deepened, developed in detail and have led me to some important opportunities and actions. As a 30 year veteran of leading several successful international businesses, I thought I had a good grasp on creativity, innovation and fast moving change management. To my surprise and good fortune, Aline and her methodologies have shown me that there are deeper levels of insight, untapped sources of ideas, reliable stores of wisdom and a whole host of groups and individuals who are willing to collaborate to help each other create the changes and results they want and need in their lives and businesses. Over the past 6 weeks I have also engaged in several individual follow up consulting sessions with Aline via Skype. These have helped keep the energy flowing, provided accountability and added detail to my action plans.
    Leon Maynard
    Leon Maynard
    President, International Economic Summit Institute
  • I will never forget my first encounter with the Cosmic Compass and its creator, Aline Hanle. I was at a dramatic crossroad juncture in my life and felt so confused about how to move forward. Aline invited me to ask my deepest questions and allow the Cosmic Compass process to reveal the truth. I was stunned by the accuracy of the answers which came forth during that session. My life has unfolded in beautiful ways since then and I am grateful for the clarity and confidence which emerged from the fog after this experience.
    Jacob Nordby
    Jacob Nordby – Author
    The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening

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