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Living Your Yoga Retreat 2017 – France!

With continuous focus on quality, affordability and unique transformative experiences; this Living Your Yoga 2017 trip, in La Dordogne Region, has been designed to create a space for participants to feel, breathe, taste and touch the true nature of their own self.

Focused on simplicity, essentiality and sensing the vital life force, this retreat, open to all, will let you discover first, how to balance between ease and effort within your body as well as in your life, as well as how to embrace Le Bien-être associated with aligning your mind with the flow of life. Our ultimate goal is to let you cultivate a rooted sense of peacefulness.


Cosmic Compass


The December Cosmic Compass Themed Soiree is all about Silver & Gold! Come with a shimmering outfit, your brightest light and your most brilliant friends! That night will unfold into the radiance of true soulful sharing! What you will take away will be nothing short of the most invaluable discoveries about yourself that will be catalysts to your most beautiful transformation!

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