About Aline Hanle

In short, I am the girl next-door with a twist of the French slice of life!

But I am also an artistic mystic, born with the remembrance that everyone’s genius is accessible with the opening of the heart and the mind. I have consciously chosen to dedicate my life to serve an idea of a simpler existence made of unity, greatness, and joy.

I was born in Chatellerault, France and lived in the quiet French countryside for my younger years; and then in the French Alps for ten years in my twenties. I experienced many of the challenges of a dysfunctional family and was also raised in an atheist environment. I was never taught the concept of GOD, Divine Energy, Consciousness, Chi or anything related until I turned 26 years old. As I searched for my life’s calling, I attended French cooking school for three years and also worked in the physical fitness and personal training fields.

Around the age of 27, after a series of minor physical accidents and repeated emotional strains, I decided I needed to redefine my world.  This was my awakening.  That\’s when my journey to a world of renewed possibilities and uncharted territories began. This world was mine – empowered, beautiful, connected and open.

Shortly after this awakening, I immigrated to the United States leaving behind all of my physical possessions except a suitcase of clothes and my cat “Dips.” I did not speak a word of English when I arrived to the U.S., but learned a little each day. What I found during the early days of my arrival, as I couldn’t understand the language, is that as I was communicating nonverbally I was in fact mastering the gift of Intuition through the process of learning to speak English. I soon realized that my gift of intuition was never meant to travel “out there,” but more so, was the perfect vessel to travel within myself.

Since my revelation when I turned 27, I have consistently walked the path less traveled to find balance, truth, joy, connection and abundant presence. From this journey into “true success” emerged the desire to share the discoveries I encountered and the revelations I embodied.

What I Do

  • I am a game-changer in the field of personal development and individual shifts.
  • My vision of self-growth is simultaneously simple yet extraordinary. It is built around nearly two decades of conscious awakening experiences, inner and outer-world journeys, and constant introspective searching.
  • My gift of inspiring new possibilities and greatness in the self is rooted in the belief that life is essentially good at heart and that everyone has access to this goodness through finding their unique path.
  • Helping people reveal that path is one of my favorite passions, and now, a successful business.
  • My vision begins with these words: Be ready to transform your life, not because you understand how, but because you know you are ready”.  This is the journey that  I invite you to embark upon with me as your guide.

Some Interesting Facts About Me…

  • I am French, so I enjoy life and the idea of sharing it with those I love.

  • My friends are my family!

  • I’ve always been an empath and consider intuition my native language.

  • I live in Austin, TX which motto is: “Keep Austin Weird!”… seems to fit!

  • I am a cat lover and believe that I could have been a cat in ancient Egypt!

  • I believe that my life is a fairy tale I have written way before I was born. 

  • My greatest masters are my two boys and my husband. They have taught me more about intuition, connection, and faith than any of the books I read, or training I took.

My 3 OMG! Life Moments

  1. Reading The Celestine Prophecy; I realized I wasn’t alone, different, and powerless.

  2. Getting a Fitness Director job with the U.S. Navy in Key West, FL.

  3. Envisioning and designing the Cosmic Compass Game.

My 3 Most Impactful Trips

  1. The past 45 years (and it\’s only getting better!).

  2. An energetic pilgrimage in the Sacred Temples of Egypt & Jordan where I met my soul.

  3. My Eat, Pray, Love trip with my husband. We experienced the power of re-connection.